lördag 11 september 2010

I´m back with the winner and some more!

Hi all!
It has been very empty here in my blog for two months.... I lost my mom the 28 July and it was a chock for me. She was not old or sick and it´s so hard to understand WHY she died so quickly??? I have not been stamping or crafting for two month now but yesterday I made a card and it was so fun and I hope I will be back here in my blog more often :-)
Here is the Summer Candy winner:
Congratulations to you and please contact me with your deitals, the candy is ready for you!
I hope you will come back soon and then here will be a new card from me!
I wish you all a lovely weekend and lots of love!

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Martinas Welt sa...

I am so sorry to read your news about your mum! This is of course a shock and I am feeling so sad for you! My deepest condulences! Losing someone so dear is a big change in your life and although she is not here anymore with her body she will always be in your thoughts. My dad died three years ago, my father in law last year....we still miss them badly....so I know what you must feel..especially if this happened so suddenly and unexpected.
Big hugs from